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Topic subjectRE: People of Color against each other
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15317, RE: People of Color against each other
Posted by guest, Fri May-11-01 09:07 AM
that shit was wrong to fuck wit the koreans. but I understand why they did it. Black people as a whole are confused as to who the enemy is, if there really is an enemy. Really, the enemy is perpetuated ignorance, but the fact that blacks dont have any solid foundation or knowlege of their true "roots" dont help the situation.

so we lash out.

Its been said that Black Afrikans dont really like Afrikan amerikkkans. folks from the west indies dont really too much care for us either. its cuz they still have a bit of their roots intact, and they look at us( who have been robbed of heritage and givin a new "amerikkkan" culture and way of thinking) as flawed, lazy, unapreciative and all that negative shit.

fucked up thing is they right bout alot of it.