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Topic subjectRE: People of Color against each other
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15316, RE: People of Color against each other
Posted by DonKnutts, Fri May-11-01 08:25 AM
>another thing I can't stand,
>people of other races talking
>shit about black people but
>then copy us by mimicking
>our fashion styles and listening
>to our music and such.
> But when some white
>people let them know that
>they don't like them, they
>either yell racism or have
>nothing to say back at
>all. To me, a
>lot of these other minorities
>are nothing more than whites
>without the European descent, or
>white wannabes who are trying
>their best to assimilate into
>this white supremacist society.
>They have gotten used to
>the media always portraying blacks
>as bad and therefore find
>it easy pick on us
>and talk about us always
>complaining while they do the
>exact same things we do
>when confronted with the same

what would you say to the Korean deli owners targeted during the L.A. riots?