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Topic subjectRE: People of Color against each other
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15315, RE: People of Color against each other
Posted by Baron, Fri May-11-01 08:22 AM
There's a lot of Arabs around where I live, and if you asked what race they were most would say that they're white. They are always quick to make black jokes even though a lot of them listen to rap music like Tupac. That's another thing I can't stand, people of other races talking shit about black people but then copy us by mimicking our fashion styles and listening to our music and such. But when some white people let them know that they don't like them, they either yell racism or have nothing to say back at all. To me, a lot of these other minorities are nothing more than whites without the European descent, or white wannabes who are trying their best to assimilate into this white supremacist society. They have gotten used to the media always portraying blacks as bad and therefore find it easy pick on us and talk about us always complaining while they do the exact same things we do when confronted with the same problems.

The black community needs to try working together as whole and actually start supporting one another so that other minorities can't open up their businesses in our communities and taking our money without giving anything back. But for that to happen we need to get rid of a lot of the self hate and bickering between different factions of our community to start making huge strides forward again.