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15311, Wrong
Posted by guest, Fri May-11-01 01:14 PM
>POC is not merely a word
>that connotes an us vs
>them rhetoric, blue.
>It is a word I use
>because I have never liked
>the idea of being referred
>to as a "minority." Everything
>from "there's nothing minor about
>me" to the truth that,
>in considering the world, people
>that look like me, meaning
>people with some color to
>them, who have some color
>before laying out in sunlight,
>are the majority people in
>this world.

We've gone over this a hundred effing times. That is not correct! Chinese, Russians, Europeans and Anglo-Americans far out number Africans and those descended from Africans. Your definition is greatly flawed:

There are Europeans (Greeks, Italians, Portuguese) who have "color" without laying in sun.

There are non-Europeans (Chinese, Koreans, Japanese) who do not have "color" without laying in the sun.

Also your definition of color is completely arbitrary. Albinos have no "color" compared to English people. Chinese people have
no "color" compared to Greek people.

>It is a word that connects
>me to them instead of
>distancing me from them because
>I like to think of
>things as being connected instead
>of not.

Do you think Chinese in China feel some bond to Nigerians in Nigeria???

>Maybe you think of it as
>an us vs them rhetoric,
>but you are smart enough
>and intelligent enough to think
>of other ways in which
>it could be and _is_
>used and to keep that
>in mind and be able
>to know the difference between
>when it is being used
>as us vs them rhetoric
>and when it is not.

I think it is a desparate attempt by elite African-Americans to create a larger group identity now that Latinos have surpassed them as the largest non-white group. Also, most non-white groups have been much more successful at economic self-sufficiency than blacks. Maybe POC is an attempt to share in this growth???

>Otherwise, you are only stirring shit
>up because you aren't understanding
>how words are being used
>and the many ways in
>which they can be used
>and I don't think that
>is your intention.

Words are used differently by all who use them.


"Those of us who spent time in the agricultural sector and in the heartland, we understand how unfair the death penalty is - the death tax is."

"Si, I'm very concerned about the amount of acreage in cultivation for the growth of cocoa leaves."

"...it's about past 7 here, so we're actually in different timelines."

"I am mindful not only of preserving executive powers for myself, but my predecessors, as well. And that's why I made the decision."

"I'm about to name my brother the ambassador to Chad."

"They don't seem to be flocking in right now, but it is dove season in Texas. I'm a hunter and if I decide to shoot some dove, I'll shoot 'em and eat 'em."

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