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Topic subjectI just like clarity and precision......
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15310, I just like clarity and precision......
Posted by bluetiger, Fri May-11-01 10:26 AM
>POC is not merely a word
>that connotes an us vs
>them rhetoric, blue.
>It is a word I use
>because I have never liked
>the idea of being referred
>to as a "minority." Everything
>from "there's nothing minor about
>me" to the truth that,
>in considering the world, people
>that look like me, meaning
>people with some color to
>them, who have some color
>before laying out in sunlight,
>are the majority people in
>this world.

The term minority is not on my favorite list either. It smacks of supremacy code-words to me.

>It is a word that connects
>me to them instead of
>distancing me from them because
>I like to think of
>things as being connected instead
>of not.


>Maybe you think of it as
>an us vs them rhetoric,
>but you are smart enough
>and intelligent enough to think
>of other ways in which
>it could be and _is_
>used and to keep that
>in mind and be able
>to know the difference between
>when it is being used
>as us vs them rhetoric
>and when it is not.

I just like clarity and precision......

>Otherwise, you are only stirring shit
>up because you aren't understanding
>how words are being used
>and the many ways in
>which they can be used
>and I don't think that
>is your intention.

Not my intention...and as much as we have argued, you should know I'm a stickler for being exact & factual....and at getting to the core of what people are saying/what they are about....

The terms "white" & "POC" can both be picked apart for their meanings and intended definitions....I dislike both of them because it continues the language of supremacist thought...

*my technique (and intent) is always water when it comes to fiery rhetoric.....fighting fire with fire just leaves a lot of things/people/bridges burned*

↑ yours

"unadulterated hate, so ugly" - binlahab


*May is Hate Prince Month at OKP*