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Topic subjectCome On!!!!
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15308, Come On!!!!
Posted by cued, Fri May-11-01 10:16 AM

you know what he means... and while it is a good thing to gently correct these things, to act as if you don't know what he means... they mean... seems... suspect.

As for appropriation... I don't practice fung shei. When I write in a certain style, I am quick to point out where the influence comes from. I understand things as coming from somewhere else, not mine to mess with and fuck with at will and in the end pretend as if I created it...

That's what dude was getting at.




Uplifting thoughts:

"We are the end result of our ancestors prayers as they died. We you are the sum total of their answered prayers."

"I am because we are; we are because I am."

"falling in love with somebody's soul...their essence their personality their walk their talk the way they speak and smile...no matter what the physical outer body is..male or female...is a temptation i hope i am never foolish enough to resist." - Hot Damali