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Topic subjectI answered your question asshole.
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15304, I answered your question asshole.
Posted by bluetiger, Fri May-11-01 09:53 AM
>you an asshole on purpose? or
>you just cant help that
>no, really, cuz you an asshole.

evidently on purpose.

>pink, cream, whateva you wanna call
>it you anal muffuka U.
>they look white. and this
>biology 101 shit, my bad
>if I aint learn bout
>white folks havin melanin, I
>was prolly fingerin some cutie
>in the back of the
>class when they taught that
>one. I aint always pay
>attention like I should.
>sue me.
>besides, you know whudafuk I meant.
>stop playin smart ass and
>answer the fukin question.

I did...reading is fundamental.

>why are the "pink" ones jealous
>of the brown, yellow, dark
>brown and taupe ones? yeah
>I said taupe muffuka...since you
>wanna be all specific and
>answer that smart ass!!!!! since you
>wanna clown folk.

I didn't outright clown you, nor did I resort to name-calling. Your ignorance is phenomenal....go back to school and try to learn something this time instead of fingering STD-laden fish. If you want to take part in a discussion, at least display some level of intelligence....you're making your parents look bad.

↑ yours

"unadulterated hate, so ugly" - binlahab


*May is Hate Prince Month at OKP*