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15303, RE: lawd....
Posted by guest, Fri May-11-01 09:47 AM
you an asshole on purpose? or you just cant help that shit???
no, really, cuz you an asshole. asshole.

pink, cream, whateva you wanna call it you anal muffuka U. they look white. and this biology 101 shit, my bad if I aint learn bout white folks havin melanin, I was prolly fingerin some cutie in the back of the class when they taught that one. I aint always pay attention like I should. sue me.

besides, you know whudafuk I meant. stop playin smart ass and answer the fukin question.

why are the "pink" ones jealous of the brown, yellow, dark brown and taupe ones? yeah I said taupe muffuka...since you wanna be all specific and shit.

answer that smart ass!!!!! since you wanna clown folk.