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15300, RE: perception:
Posted by guest, Fri May-11-01 09:55 AM
well, steal..ya kna...theft. when you take somethin and act like its ya own....rock n roll for instance...theft. thats a played out example, but you get the idea.

and the tanning salon shit is jealousy. them wanting to have bases everywhere in the world, thats conquering mentality.

another good example. dont laugh!!! but im from the south, and we luv soul food down here. shit like chitlins, ox tails, neckbones and the like used to be cheap til white folk started buying that shit.

and the whole hip hop phenomenon. dont get me wrong, I welcome white folk who respect and deal wit hip hop in a true fashion. but they was laughin at niggas when we first started that shit. now everythang is hip hop. go figure.

here is another one. they steal inventions and Ideas. ima dig up a link to support that, if I can find it again.