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15299, perception:
Posted by bluetiger, Fri May-11-01 09:42 AM
>whateva the deal wit the melanin
>thing, explain the tanning salon
>shit? why do they do

no idea on that one....

white people also have
>a way of steeling peoples
>culture, the same people they
>have labeled as inferior and
>what not.

how do you steal culture? and who owns culture? how can they become sole proprietors of culture?

>shit like fen schui, jazz, and
>a whole lotta otha shit.
> they are an evious
>people for some reason. I
>aint sayin that outa hate,
>im sayin that outa observation.

envious? nah....conqueror mentality (war-like) in cultural terms, yes.....

↑ yours

"unadulterated hate, so ugly" - binlahab


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