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15295, RE: the idea
Posted by guest, Fri May-11-01 08:56 AM
naw, I wouldnt say that. well, that shit is true on a lower level, but in the big picture, europeans have always fucked wit people of color. Its a subliminal thing perhaps, most of the world has melanin, and they dont. they jeaolus. some may see that as a racist statement, but I present two words of indestructable proof.

Tanning salons.

whadafuc Is that bout? they hate us cuz we dark, yet they always talkin bout "tall DARK and HANDSOME" and spend good money to get tans.

It trips me out when I hear a white person say, "I need to tan this summer, im so pale" ......thats how god made ya...live wit it. and then they catch skin cancer from layin in the sun wit no melanin to protect them.

so they got to have some sort of shit on they minds to explain the behavior.