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Topic subjecthats off to k-orr
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15292, hats off to k-orr
Posted by dafriquan, Fri May-11-01 10:07 AM
most of the time when it comes to race issues you just breaK IT DOWN to the plain truth.
just wanted to give you props!
anyway you're right. why should we unite. the only thing "colored" people have in common is that they are not white. that's reason for unity? and like you pointed out, everybody got they own agenda anyway...meaning "us" vs "them" is only the last resort when the assimilation process is going to smoothly.
rich black people do the same shit too i.e. actively seek alliegance only when they get in some shit.
personally i adher to the principle that we're all individuals. white, black, yellow, brown...everyone is equally likely to stab you in the back or give you a hand up when someone else does it.
"Put his ass in a 8' by 10' windowless room with Suge and ShYne"-sundasill on what he would do to puff daddy for musical rehab.
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