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15289, what if they
Posted by k_orr, Fri May-11-01 07:05 AM
support that same white supremacist society? They think they're different from us, because

- their family emigrated
- they're educated
- their parents didn't speak a lick of english and now they own 10 businesses..

Particularly with my Indian and Asian brethren, there is a certain, we did it, why can't you, why are you people always complaining attitude.

Quick disclaimer, Of course this just a small cross section of my multi-cultural experience, and doesn't nearly describe everyone I've met.

But I would be remiss if I didn't notice that thought pattern, particularly with folks I know as acquaintances. I get a lot of "you're okay, you're not like the rest of them", at which point I break them down and let them know how it works.

And in the same breath they will say something is ghetto. But let something go against em, and suddenly they start hollering racism too.

k. orr