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Topic subjectRE: People of Color against each other
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15279, RE: People of Color against each other
Posted by guest, Fri May-11-01 08:48 AM
naw....dude trippin...cuz I consider latino's as cool peoples. hell,its been times when they held me down when my "brothas n sistas" turned they back. its because they are more giving and have more hospitality as a people...especially my cuban folks(BIG UP!!!!!)...it has more to do with our loss of identity and culture as people than anything. So we are a divided people and often compete with each other ova stupid shit.

I see jamaicans, hatians, puerto ricans, cubans, and ESPECIALLY MEXICANS rockin they flags and I look at that wit envy really. cuz I dont have a flag to rock and be proud of. I DAMN SHO AINT ROCKIN THE AMERIKKKAN FLAG!!!!

but yet latinos and blacks dont really chill all to tight sometimes. thats sad to me.

white people....they a whole different story. I dont believe they are bad cuz they are white, but I do believe that being white and the social shit that comes wit being white has fucked up alota white folk. but then again, history has them doin some ill shit...they feel a need to conquer everydamn thang, they just cant chill...I dunno.

but despite my experiences and knowlege of history, I try hard to refrain from becoming racist. but that shit is hard sometimes, ya kna? they be givin me reasons on top of reasons to hate they ass. but I aint mad. or am I??????