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Topic subjectPeople of Color against each other
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15277, People of Color against each other
Posted by cued, Thu May-10-01 02:49 PM

I am on gay.com reading Keith Boykin's newest article about going to a bar in Boston called the Ramrod. In this bar, some white guy reached out and rubbed his head and Keith caught his hand and challenged his priviledge, his priviledge to just reach out and touch his head.

Keith went on to link this experience to the white priviledge that white gay men enjoy. However, this isn't my point.


I have been away and was catching up on this board when I came across the responses to Keith's article. Typical responses from white people who were calling Keith racist and saying all sorts of stupid things. But as I continued to read, I started noticing other levels within that board -- I started noticing that other people of color who are not Black actively attacking Black people.

I know that this is... not new. That is part of the system to divide us from each other so that we cannot band together and as a people use our voices to collectively dismantle the dominant culture in America and make this place _really_ stand for the justice and freedom it supposes to stand for, nevertheless, I was taken aback and thought to ask y'all what you thought about this.

I don't know how to feel when people of color start... hacking away at each other... and it seems pretty senseless as well. None of us, not one of us are benefiting from being people of color in America. In fact, most often, we seem to only be "exotic" for whatever fashion season and then... that's it.

Why do we attack each other?

Do you bear any... unsavory feelings towards other groups of color? Why?

How do we heal this and make it so that we can begin to make inroads amongst ourselves?




Uplifting thoughts:

"We are the end result of our ancestors prayers as they died. We you are the sum total of their answered prayers."

"I am because we are; we are because I am."

"falling in love with somebody's soul...their essence their personality their walk their talk the way they speak and smile...no matter what the physical outer body is..male or female...is a temptation i hope i am never foolish enough to resist." - Hot Damali