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Topic subjectWhat Dr. Cress was talking about was....
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13602, What Dr. Cress was talking about was....
Posted by peace3, Wed Jun-20-01 08:11 AM

"THe living temple is man, as he embodies cosmic principles and functions. Through these teachings you are led to the knowledge that we call salvation or redemption-triumph over death....Our rationalistic mentality is oriented toward the acquisition of technological data and its utilitarian application. Under the pretext of facilitating life, the unbridled search for new inventions hones man's egotism and leads him to destruction. Oppose the extreme, the pharaonic mentality, based on a gnosis (knowledge of causes), shows its certitude by the aim and directives it assigns to earthly existence....SYMBOLISM. True progress in human thought can be made only if we call upon the symbolizing faculty of intelligence, this faculty was developed and refined in Kemit and reflected in heiroglyphs and other symbology. Symbology frees us from our present intellectual impasse, while symbolism must be recognized as the intuitive means of overcoming the limitations of reason....See the analytic, mechanistic mentality of modern science and the synthetic,vitalist mentality of ancient kemitan Sacred Science (Science of Life) are two opposing views. Only a symbolic mentality, like that cultivated in Kemit, can think without objectifying and therefore can synthetically conceive the paradoxes inherent in the intimate life of matter, or nature in its ongoing genesis. Modern Science has evolved to a new opening of consciousness confronted witn paradoxes that reason alone cannot contend with. It will have to rise to a symbolic mode in order to intergrate the complements in vital phenomena."

So in terms of ALLAH ARM LEG LEG ARM HEAD=human being geometrically encompassed is symbolic of the perfect man. Having knowledge of man's physical and spiritual anatomy. It's what we work towards as humans...divinization. Right? Not saying you will become GOD but you will return to him and rejoin him, but not without progressing through proper stages. THIS GOES FOR BLACKS AND WHITES.

"Intelligence of the Heart, the innate, functional consciousness or way of thinking that is in harmony with Nature ans so enables one to understand life and living things. Like the pratice of imagination is a way of evolutionary development...The intelligence is independet of the senses and belongs to the vast totality called life. As the term was originally used by Kemits Inner Temple, it represented that which allows man to move toward the divine...all of this is a not a matter of learned knowledge but intuitive capacity...The process of becoming relates to consciousness and is revealed in all of nature; the relationship of apparent life and the life behind appearances; the kinship between man and the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms; the stages of awareness leading to cosmic consciousness; and the formation of substance into matter."

"Listen my child: a day will come when mankind will know how to worhsip God in the spirit; then they will no longer need temples, nor myths to symbolise the working of the divine thoughts; no longer will the y need statues to represent the various states of his power; nor will they need mysterious scriptures to tell the secret meaning of the divine science tothose who have eyes to see and ears to listen....

Many of you are deceived by the triviality of ancient inscriptions and math when studied from the Shell of the fruit. You only refer to the effects, and in no way to their deeper causes. There is no shame in mistakes made because one lacks some essential elements. Your personal observations enrich the material to be studied by others; all conscientious research disposes the intellect to the clear formulation of problems, which then deserve to receive a solution.

"Note that this solution will be unintelligible to those who are accustomed to rely on appearances only, and who have not cultivated their wisdom of the heart. This is another way: it can be offered but never imposed, for its demands a suitable mentality, but the understanding depends upon it."