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Topic subjectRE: Isis Papers
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13597, RE: Isis Papers
Posted by guest, Tue Jun-05-01 07:48 PM
Illiptical 360: yo
Illiptical 360: you ever read the isis papers?
M O bilarity: nah, but i pretended like i did, when we had debates about them at my school
M O bilarity: No ones ever read "the isis papers".....they just pretend to have read them, after reading the Abstract, and realizing that lady was on some 5 percent shit
Illiptical 360: haha
Illiptical 360: you ever read the bell curve ?
M O bilarity: just the chapter that you're prolly referring to...Chapter 8 i think??
M O bilarity: because the rest of the book had nothing to do with anything that people (who haven't read it) claim the entire book is about.