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Topic subjectRE: Council of Nicea
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13595, RE: Council of Nicea
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jun-21-01 12:06 AM
>my point for writing this although
>not stated was the fact
>that the word bible was
>left out. hence admiting to
>the fact that their argument
>stems form different oral teachings.

Responce: James White is a really good guy, man I love his work on the Roman Catholics, he is excellent. Ok you're saying that the actual word Bible was left out but the scriptures existed? So your saying that the teachings of these people were different? Look, there is early evidence that the New Testament was being cited in the FIRST century, cleament of Rome cited Matthew, John, and 1 Corinthians in 95 and 97. Ignatius referred to six Pauline Epistles in about 110, and between 110 and 150 Polycarp quoted from all four gospels, Acts and 1 corithians. This shows that the gospels were complete before the end of the first century.

>the fact that the latter-day
>saints know that the bible
>was begin constrcuted was another
>point to which we have
>to look at the whole

Responce: Latter day saints were not around when the council of Nicea took place.

is the nature of
>christ and the only reason
>it happend was because there
>was no written doctrine until
>the cannons became part of
>the actual scriptures. but this
>raises another point isn't it
>amazing that the same cannon
>of jesus is dvinty is
>found in the bible but
>before hand it wasn't and
>hence it had to be
>formatted in.....

Responce: It was not formatted in the bible clearly states that Jesus is God even in the Old Testament.