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Posted by cartier_allah1, Mon Jun-04-01 09:56 PM
look the princpal reason for the nicean council of 325 was to settle a debate between to factions the eastern orthodoxy and the western chruch. the problem lied in there interpretation of the nature a christ. if the bible was constrcted in 70ad then this would not have been a problem. because the trinty is cleary stated in the maunal scrpit. but since the tradtion was still an oral one. the western viewed christ as a devine while the eastern view him as a man with a devine intent. so the council of nicea was set up to stop this bickering. the comprimise was set by at the time leader of the western side of rome constantnie he made the mandate that jesus's nature was that of a man with a devine soul meaning he was god on earth. my main point is how would you have a devision of christ nature when in the bible it's clearly stated. this types of arguments happen usally with oral tardtions.

second. adam and eve sin was become learn. thatz why god broke his language down into many to devide the knowlede wich adam and eve possed. think about why didn;t the kemitians have a written langauged and use hyrogphics instead of phonetic symbols. the answer is simple langauge prohibits infinte descriptions 26 letters alpha-beta they prevent ideas out of the phonetic combination to become realized. adam and eve possed such wisdom and that why the snake is used to represent the kemtian form of expression.