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Posted by osoclasi, Mon Jun-04-01 04:53 AM
>frist and formost the cross was
>a roman creation the p
>shaped x was a roman

Responce: No, it was a persian invention the Romans copied it.

the recent cross is
>a combination of the roman
>and kemitian cross. second if
>you knew anything about kemit
>you would know that the
>snake in kemtian myth represented
>knowledge adam and eve sin
>was becoming educated.

Responce: Now, why would becoming educated be considered a sin?
The Lord told them not to eat but they ate it anyway. Disobediance. The Bible never tells us to stay ignoranct in fact it says otherwise. Matt 22:37 lave the Lord with all your heart and your MIND. Isa 26:3-Rom 12:2 Isa 1:18

although people
>take it truth to word.
>frist think of when the
>bible was created 327 ad
>after the thrid ecumencial council.

Responce : No the bible was not created in 327 Ad. There is reason to believe that all of the gospels were written before AD 70. The council your referring to probably were trying to figure out the canon of scripture, not the bible itself.

>the principle of the book
>was to keep the people
>from questioning the theology it
>had nothing to do with
>the historical characters of adam
>and eve.

Responce:what book are you talking about the bible or the isis papers? the bible has everything to do with Adam and Eve because if there was no fall then there would be no need for a Messiah.

and finally god
>infact did and was bias
>toward on grouping of people
>infact the hebrew where his
>people of choice he hated
>if you read the final
>book of revealation you will
Responce: I have read revalations. God was not bias toward any group of people.As a matter of fact if you don't have a huge background in the old testament you might want to leave revalations alone.

will i do agree
>with you in the fact
>that she might be a
>little on the ethno she's
>breakin thru to the people
>more than i can say
>for uncle tom cornell west.