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13578, RE: Isis Papers
Posted by cartier_allah1, Sun Jun-03-01 08:39 PM
frist and formost the cross was a roman creation the p shaped x was a roman piece. the recent cross is a combination of the roman and kemitian cross. second if you knew anything about kemit you would know that the snake in kemtian myth represented knowledge adam and eve sin was becoming educated. although people take it truth to word. frist think of when the bible was created 327 ad after the thrid ecumencial council. the principle of the book was to keep the people from questioning the theology it had nothing to do with the historical characters of adam and eve. and finally god infact did and was bias toward on grouping of people infact the hebrew where his people of choice he hated if you read the final book of revealation you will see. will i do agree with you in the fact that she might be a little on the ethno she's breakin thru to the people more than i can say for uncle tom cornell west.