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Posted by osoclasi, Sat Jun-02-01 09:31 AM
Boy, you really went old school in your topic of books. I had to go find my copy. Man I have'nt looked at this book in years. So let me quickly give a brief summary of what I think. Well obviously Dr. Welsing is not a theologian because whenever she uses Christianity to back her point she always takes it out of context or just makes up something to back up her argument. Like for instance look at pg 68 where she says that "Jesus, the black man, was then hung on a cross, a peculier invention of the Romans (white) pysche. Actually the Romans didn't invent the cross the Persians did. It was even practice in Phonicia,Carthage, and Egypt. It was used as a way of public display so others would not want to share the same fate. It was not a fallic symbol and heres how . The Persians lifted the person off the ground because they thought that the person guilty should not be on the ground since the ground represted one of there gods. The Romans used spikes five to seven inches long and would charge them threw the victims median nerve. The reason why the victim was hung that way was because the person would die of something called asphyxiation, the reason is that the stress on the muscles and diaphragm put the chest into the inhaled position; basically, in order to exhale, the individual must push up on his feet so the tension on the muscles would ease for a moment. In doing so , the nail would tear through the foot, eventually locking up against the tarsal bones. After managing to exhale, the person would then be able to relax down and take another breath in.As the person slows down his breathing, he goes into what is called respiratory acidosis. This leads to an irregular heartbeat. This is why the cross is the way it is not because it is a fallic symbol.

Then she gets way off on pg 26 when she says that Adam and Eve's original sin was because of sexual intercourse. God command them to be fruitful and multiply. It was'nt because of sexual intercourse it was because of disobedience. Then on pg 27 she says that the fall is a symbolic expression of mutation. No it is not a expression of mutation but it is a way of saying that we have fallen from Grace. She also tries to turn Christianity into a race issue and you simply can't. The Bible never mentions the word race throughout the entire book. So on pg 68 where she says that Christ died for whites and shed blood for whites then that meanst the verses like Matt 28 where it says Baptise all nations in the name of the Father, Son , and Holy Ghost is a contridiction. Or Gal 3:26 where God makes it clear we are all the same in his eyes.