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13574, RE: Isis Papers
Posted by cued, Fri Jun-01-01 11:37 AM
I started reading them.

and then I put them down

what a bunch of crock... I mean... what is she doing that is so... awe inspiring? She makes little to no sense. Her writing style is horrible. Her analysis is based on Eurocentric methods...

All that said, I would suggest that people read them. Why? Because even in sheer lunacy truth exists.

However, finding myself laughing at her, disagreeing with her (I hated her analysis of Black gay men... it nearly pissed me off), and agreeing/seeing/feeling her... I was going through too many changes to learn anything useful, I felt.




Uplifting thoughts:

"We are the end result of our ancestors prayers as they died. We you are the sum total of their answered prayers."

"I am because we are; we are because I am."

"falling in love with somebody's soul...their essence their personality their walk their talk the way they speak and smile...no matter what the physical outer body is..male or female...is a temptation i hope i am never foolish enough to resist." - Hot Damali