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13564, it has value
Posted by k_orr, Fri Jun-01-01 07:14 AM
but it's a belabored point.

I can tell you what all those books are gonna tell you

White folks are evil.
here is the evidence.

Black folks are good.
here is the evidence

Now show me where any of them are putting together strategies and real life tactics about how to get us out our predicament.

Obviously a call for unity hasn't worked.
Obviously direct political action has run it's course.
Obviously economic/financial initiatives started by others has limited effect.

Let's figure out what has worked for us, and expand on them.

I already know that I live in a culture that will do everything it possibly can to resist me. It will inflitrate my food, water, culture, news, land, et cetera. There is nothing you can tell me that won't just re-iterate that fact.

Now that I'm mad at white folks, what am I gonna do now?

Look at the history of the NOI. What have they done?
couple a speeches, a few marches, some newspapers, get some brothers out of "the life". But where are our factories, farms, and department stores? what about elected officials?

of not opting into the system, how are they opting out?
Where are the afrikan intellectual exchanges?

it's a shell game. they keep trying to confuse about the real issue.

k. orr