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13559, Isis Papers
Posted by Chike, Fri Jun-01-01 06:07 AM
As promised, here's a chance for those who loved it to defend it and those who hated it to attack it.

The cross thing offended me.

The ball game stuff, I found ludicrous.

But what sticks out the most when it comes to why I'm not down with Dr. Frances Cress Welsing is stuff like "The Neurochemical Basis For Evil".

A genetic condemnation of an entire race? Call me Uncle Tom, but I'm not feelin' that. It seems to me that the goal of this book is to grapple with a much-grappled-with question: how can one people wreak so much havoc and long-lasting destruction in the world? Talk to me about traditional African ethics vs. traditional European ones, I'll agree. But to imagine we're just built that way and they're not? I blame the European's path on history and the way society works and the way power in society works to propagate itself. I think people would agree if they look at something like Rwanda. Are Africans just predisposed to slaughter one another? Hell no! You're not making excuses for crimes against humanity by admitting different historical factors led up to horrid lack of humanity displayed by people trying to exterminate each other.

I guess you could say I'm more nurture than nature.

Anyway, speak your mind on the book...