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Topic subjectyou make me laugh
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1359, you make me laugh
Posted by johnny_domino, Fri May-21-04 04:15 AM
So you give the Republicans credit for Clinton's balanced budget. And I'm assuming you blame the Democrats for Reagan's budget deficits in the 80s? So what do you attribute the huge deficits to now? You have a Republican congress and a Republican administraion. And I don't see any spending cuts, or even the rhetoric of spending cuts anymore. Bush campaigned in favor of smaller government, and evidently you still believe him. But he's made it much larger, with no evidence of cuts in the future.
>Either way, one that will advocate tax cuts are more likely
>to advocate spending cuts as well.
But in this case, the opposite is true. Hastert is advocating tax cuts, not spending cuts, just like the White House wants him to.

And your rhetoric about "Democrats would spend twice as much", is a) tired, and b) not true. I guarantee they wouldn't be wasting money on ill-fated projects like an ABM shield that doesn't work. Republicans are the party of running up the deficit with wasteful military spending and tax cuts, Democrats are the party of the balanced budget. Your will to stick to the talking points is admirable, but you're a little behind the times.