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1358, that's why...
Posted by Expertise, Fri May-21-04 04:04 AM
you support people that advocate spending cuts, or are at least prone to doing so.

Either way, one that will advocate tax cuts are more likely to advocate spending cuts as well. The problem with government right now isn't tax cuts. It's spending. Like I said before, even if the tax cuts were repealed we'd still have a deficit. That shows a lack of fiscal discipline on spending limits regardless. The fact is that Democrats yell and complain about the budget, but 1. Really didn't care about balancing the budget in the 90's until forced by Republicans to do so and 2. Would raise budget deficits twice as much if allowed to have reign over the budget.
"Is the world angry at Russia, which spends nothing on AIDS and rebuffed Kyoto? Is the world angry at China, which got a pass on Kyoto and spends nothing on AIDS for other countries?

Is the world angry at North Korea for killings its people? Angry at Iran for smothering that vibrant nation with corrupt and thuggish mullocracy? Angry at Syria for occupying Lebanon? Angry at Saudi Arabia for its denial of women's rights? Angry at Russia for corrupt elections? Is the world angry at China for threatening Taiwan, or angry at France for joining the Chinese in joint military exercises that threatened the island on the eve of an election? Is the world angry at Zimbabwe for stealing land and starving people? Is the world angry at Pakistan for selling nuclear secrets? Is the world angry at Libya for having an NBC (nuclear, biological and chemical weapons) program?

Is the world angry at the thugs of Fallujah?

Is the world angry at anyone besides America and Israel?" - James Lileks