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Topic subjectand who's pushing that medicare bill?
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1355, and who's pushing that medicare bill?
Posted by johnny_domino, Thu May-20-04 11:50 PM
hmm...the Republicans. They have no intention of cutting back on spending. You may see the tax cuts as a precursor to spending cuts, but they're just using the tax cuts as a way to "stimulate the economy". That's why McCain is pissed, because he remembers when they were the party that stood for a balanced budget. Have you seen any indication that Bush would propose a budget with overall spending cuts? It's supply-side Reaganomics all over again, with the budget deficit shooting through the roof. And having an active war only makes the spending go up even more.

You really should be with McCain on this, because in talking about a balanced budget and making sacrifices, he's at least alluding to possibly cutting spending to do it. Hastert's only talking about tax cuts.