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144, thank you
Posted by inVerse, Wed Oct-13-04 06:44 AM

>Scroll up a little if you've forgotten. Gay Marriage is a
>"non-negotiable" issue. The death penalty (also condemned
>by the Catholic church, by the way) is not.

Interesting, had no idea that the death penalty was condemned by Catholics.

>(also condemned by the Catholic church) is not.

Ok, but that could hardly make a list of "non-negotiables" could it?

>The concept
>of pre-emptive war (also condemned by the Catholic church)
>is not. We are questioning the "catholicism" of these
>non-negotiable issues by noting the coincidence that the
>non-negotiables happen to fall so neatly into the Republican
>platform, yet they leave such big holes in the Catholic

Ok, I see that.

>Maybe by holding people behind bars, where they can't commit
>further crimes, yet can still be freed if later evidence
>warrants it.

Works for me.

>>See, both sides agree about the "sanctity of life". But
>>only one side's opinion about punishment reflects that
>Oh really. So you admit that the justice system is
>imperfect, yet you'd rather trust it enough to cut people
>down out of revenge, rather than hold out enough compassion
>to let them come to terms with their own sins, or enough
>hope that they might later be exonerated.

I believe that people who are "pro death penalty" fear that their belief in the "sanctity of life" would be questionable if they didn't think that people "guilty" of murder should die.
I think they fear backing off the issue because they fear that they're comprimising (sp?) that value.

How they maintain that view in light of the point you raised, I don't know.

>And by the way, there aren't just two "sides" here. The
>Catholic church is solidly and openly opposed to the death
>penalty, so our little argument here is completely beside
>the point.

Again, this is news to me. Seems in line with their view on abortion though. Doesn't it?

>Oh really! I disrespect the sanctity of life if I have a
>distaste for killing my fellow man, even if he's done me
>harm. Huh...

Huh.. =)