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Topic subjectCulture vs. Economics
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12979, Culture vs. Economics
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-13-01 09:15 AM
this is an offshoot of the 10 reasons not to trust whitefolks posts

I know that the stereotypes and attitudes toward differnt races are a product of society and culture but how much of it is attributed to culture and how much is caused by their economic situation? I know that the economic situation is influenced by culture. However, it is very difficult to change a culture, and somewhat easier to alter the economic situation.
12980, economics
Posted by urbgriot, Fri Jul-13-01 09:29 AM
is an extension of culture...
12981, RE: economics
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-13-01 09:31 AM
Really? i was not aware of that! but truthfully you're missing my question. If i wasnt clear enough, the stereotypes etc. are a product of one aspect of culture. My question pertains to how much of the minority situations and problems are caused by their economic situation
12982, RE: economics
Posted by M2, Fri Jul-13-01 10:10 AM
I think urbgriot mean that US culture caused the economic situation of Blacks.....which in turn caused a lot of the problems Blacks have.

Particularly, since poor whites and Blacks have a lot of the same problems...but the problems Blacks have are compounded by Racism..E.g. Culture.


12983, the poor
Posted by guest, Fri Jul-13-01 10:17 AM
Well the poor should always have it rough. Ideally there would be no poor, but since that is an unreality we'll forget that part.

The problem that concerns me is that the number of blacks below the poverty line is too high. The percentage of black citizens below the poverty line is well, and i mean well, over their representation in the overall population. This is a problem begun by one part of culture, but it is currently an economic problem with potential economic remedies
12984, Question
Posted by cued, Fri Jul-13-01 03:48 PM
Are you really interesting in what anyone else has to say or are you simply pimping your line and daring anyone to cross that line in the sand?



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12985, This makes no sense.
Posted by Solarus, Sat Jul-14-01 04:45 AM

urbgriot said it best "economics is an extension of culture..."

The one-sidedness that you are requiring of the responder is narrow and meaningless. To "look past" culture and base all of the problems of minority simply on their "economic situations," is not only ridiculous but impossible. Culture is NOT, I repeat, NOT a variable within the equation of economics, attitudes, stereotypes, etc. Instead culture is the culmination of guidelines, rules and structure that make the equation even possible.


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12986, it's not one way
Posted by AZ, Sat Jul-14-01 07:03 AM
Culture is influenced by economics, just as economics is influenced by culture. It makes most sense to discuss both, rather than focusing on one or the other. But yes, changing the economic structure can change culture. Just look at how the role of marriage has changed in western society.