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Topic subjectRE: The Black Middle Class
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12181, RE: The Black Middle Class
Posted by NoShelter, Sat Jul-21-01 03:59 PM
So please correct me if I'm wrong, my interpretation of what you said is that you consider the black middle class sell-out blacks. You seem to be saying that the black middle class are the black people who got an education in a field, went into that trade and got some money and turned their back on the other black people. You believe that many people in the black middle class say that they are liberal but are really conservative so they can keep their money.
So let me see if i can summarize this up
Blacks w/o money: sell-outs whoare only conforming so they can live comfortable lives
Blacks w/o money: those who are "keeping it real" and not conforming to a system that treats them so badly.
Please if I am incorrect than please furthur explain your opinion becuase it baffles me.
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