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Topic subjectoops...what I meant to say is that this is complete garbage
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12172, oops...what I meant to say is that this is complete garbage
Posted by GlazedDonut, Wed Jul-25-01 05:33 PM
>> PREPARING THE GROUND: In 1996 a Jewish-run liberal newspaper in Baltimore, Maryland, called The Baltimore Sun sent two journalists to southern Sudan. They entered the
>country without permission with the help
>of a Christian missionary group
>working out of Geneva, Switzerland.
>In Sudan they claimed to
>have seen children held as
>slaves by "Arab
>merchants" and they said they had
>paid $50 per slave to
>free them from slavery. The
>pictures of the boys thus
>"freed" were published in the
>Baltimore Sun. (These were very
>healthy children
>and did not look at all
>like slaves. As one critic
>put it, anyone in a
>poor country will pretend to
>be a 'slave' if you
>can give him or his
>father $50.)

1. The Baltimore Sun is a Jewish-run liberal newspaper? Nonsense.

2. The two reporters who went to Sudan were Gregory Kane, a conservative black man, and Gilbert Lewthwaite, a white, non-Jewish man. I guess these two were in on the whole Zionist-conspiracty to pit the Arabs vs. the Africans. And the articles they wrote won the Pulitzer prize. I guess the prize committee is part of this vast Zionist conspiracy also.

3. The Christian missionary group must be in on this Zionist plot as well.

>> As soon as the Baltimore Sun published the "Slavery in Sudan" story, it was picked up and distributed far-and-wide by Zionists in the U.S. media. In Baltimore itself, a special radio
>program on "slavery in Sudan" was
>broadcast by a Jewish radioman,
>Mark Steiner, on WJHU (Johns
>Hopkins University radio).

Mark Steiner broadcasts all kinds of programs. Since he's Jewish, he must be part of this conspiracy as well. And the fact that its a well-written article about a vastly underreported (especially in 1996) topic had nothing to do with it being picked up by other news agencies, its just another plot by the Zionists. This is such crap.

>> Thus the African-Americans, instead of supporting the African nation of Sudan, supported the American moves against Sudan!
>> The stories being distributed by the Sun and WJHU were opposed by my organization called Jamaat al-Muslimeen International. We were successfully able to rebut the Zionist
>propaganda in Baltimore because:
>> 1.Our Jamaat's Secretary General Sis. Ashira Na'im, herself an African-American, had lived in Sudan for about a year around the same time when the "slavery in Sudan" story was being
>concocted. She did not see any
>signs of slavery although she
>moved both in the richest
>and the poorest sections of
>society. In fact she saw
>Christians from the South taking
>protection in the
>Islamic city of Khartoum to seek
>refuge from the conflict.

Its very easy to not see something if you don't want to see it.

>> The New York Times (run by Jews) and Nat Hentoff (another Jew) in the Village Voice of New York have joined the campaign in a big way. They have also made headway in the Black
>community. They first got support from
>BET (Black Entertainment Network) and
>then from Kwezi Mfume, leader
>of the NAACP. An effective
>new voice, that of radioman
>Madison of
>1450 AM in Washington, has stirred
>up the campaign against Sudan.
>In fact Mr. Madison has
>been extremely active and has
>joined hands with Mr. Jacobs
>(another Jew) of the Anti-Slavery
>grouping. Several congessmen, including Virginia's Mr.
>Wolf, are urging President Bush
>to take action against Sudan.
>Finally the Jewish Holocaust Memorial
>in Washington has now given
>some space in its 'exhibits' to
>the 'genocide' in southern Sudan
>including the slavery story.

Yes, yes, blame it on the Jews. Ooh, I'll add to the conspiracy theory. Kweisi Mfume is originally from Baltimore. He's actually an undercover Jew and a vital cog in the Zionist conspiracy.

>> 2. Africa is the continent where America and Europe are looking for mineral wealth and the spread of Christianity. If the largest African country loses its independence or is greatly
>weakened by sanctions, Africa at large
>will have no rallying force
>to unite it and give
>it direction.

Since when is Sudan rallying for Africa to unite?

>> (This point number 3 is very important in the Zionist propaganda and many people are fooled by it. )
>>i. All the people of Sudan are BLACK. The great majority are Muslim and speak Arabic. The Islamic leaders, like Dr. Hassan Turabi and President Bashir (now wrangling with each other)
>are as Black as any other
>African. So the story of
>ARABS killing Blacks is absurd.

So its blacks killing and enslaving blacks. What's the difference? Its still a tragedy.

>>v. ISRAEL and the UNITED STATES have been covertly and overtly helping Garang through the pro-US government in Uganda.

Please give some proof. Any proof. Nonsense throwaway statements like this are just weak.

>>viii. Islam can be a big force for African unity and Islam because of its religious vitality. Students, men and women, from all over African and other continents come to study in Sudan.

What, by forcibly converting all non-Muslims?

Diverting the issue from slavery in Sudan to a vast imaginary Zionist conspiracy is a weak tactic. You might as well just start quoting 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' as your proof.

Here's an article describing how a Harvard student and a group of Boston-area black ministers liberated over 6,700 slaves recently: http://www.iabolish.com/news/global/2001/hammond-bell07-13-01.htm