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Topic subjectthanks for the balance.
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12170, thanks for the balance.
Posted by dafriquan, Wed Jul-25-01 04:53 PM
I agree with some of the stuff said. But due to some outright lies and twisted fact in this report, i don't know if this is not just as much propaganda.

>>i. All the people of Sudan are BLACK. The great majority are Muslim and speak Arabic. The Islamic leaders, like Dr. Hassan Turabi and President Bashir (now wrangling with each other)
>are as Black as any other
I had to laugh when I read this. I should email to this to my friend. I don't think she would like being painted black so non-chalantly.
anyway here's some info that spells it out:
The population of Sudan is composed principally of Arabs in the north and black Africans in the south; many Arabs are of mixed ancestry(As you once said yourself AZ, Arab is not a race. so they must be referring to those who are "culturally" Arab. hence the mixed ancestry thing.)

>So the story of
>ARABS killing Blacks is absurd.
A little blown up perhaps but not absurd. ARABS killing indigenous Africans is more accurate.
>>ii. The Christians are a minority even in the deep South. The

majority there are Animists, not Christians.
agreed. but most in-depth reports i've read has never failed to point this out.
>>iii. The rebellion in the South was started by an army officer named Garang. He was part of the Dinka tribe who are Christians. However he did not have even the support of majority of the
>>iv. To gain the 'support' of Christians, Garang has used terrorism against his own people and has killed more Christians and Animists than Muslims.
>>v. ISRAEL and the UNITED STATES have been covertly and overtly helping Garang through the pro-US government in Uganda.
>>vi. In raids and counter-raids between tribes supporting the Islamic government and Garang's SPLA organization, both sides take captives which they then try to exchange. Sometimes
>outsiders can think these are slaves.
once prisoners of war are sold for money, it is slavery.

>>viii. Islam can be a big force for African unity and Islam because of its religious vitality.
Purest piece of propaganda i've read in a while :-) How can you unite Africa under one religion knowing very well that there are other religions within? That's just asking for war...which is precisely what they are getting.

>>ix. Sudan did not support the war against Iraq and Sudanese regularly visit Iraq and receive visitors from Iraq. This is very irksome for the US and Israel.
good point.
>>x. Sudan has taken every possible step to stop use of its territory by Osama Bin Laden and Egyptian dissidents but the U.S. still continues to insist that Sudan supports 'terrorism'.
>>xi. Women, under the Islamic influence of Dr. Hassan Turabi, are regaining many of their rights. Women are elected to be members of Parliament and even as governors and officials of
>provinces. FGM (female genital mutilation) prevalent
>in many tribal societies is
>forbidden in Sudan under Islamic
>law (though still carried out
>surreptitiously by hardcore tribals).
This is kinda ironic. Islamic law has been used to justify FGM in North Africa. Just goes to show you that religion can be molded to suit any situation.
Anyway again this last point is also pure propaganda. Basically he is giving reasons why Sudan SHOULD be an islamic state. this of course betrays his bias.as long as there are sizable non-muslim populations in Sudan, it can't be an Islamic state.
Islam gets a bad rap in the media all the time. An alien from outer-space going by the coverage of Islam in wester medie, would think it was a cult or something.
But in this case, if they are using "jihad" as an excuse to kill people, it's pretty pathetic. i really doubt this is really a jihad anyway. are they holding guns to people's heads and telling them to convert?
Instead of trying to cast blame, they should be trying to decide how to end this bloody war.

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understatement of the year :-)
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