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Posted by AZ, Wed Jul-25-01 02:19 PM
by Kaukab Siddique, Ph.D
> On May 10, representatives from both the Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress blasted Sudan's Islamic regime. They are accusing the Muslims of 'genocide' and of
unprecedented crimes against humanity. Even Iraq has not been accused of crimes of such proportion by American officials.
> Sudan has been under severe American sanctions, supported by all of America's allies, for several years. Today it is difficult to transfer a few dollars, even in personal transactions, to
Sudan through U.S. banks.
> PREPARING THE GROUND: In 1996 a Jewish-run liberal newspaper in Baltimore, Maryland, called The Baltimore Sun sent two journalists to southern Sudan. They entered the
country without permission with the help of a Christian missionary group working out of Geneva, Switzerland. In Sudan they claimed to have seen children held as slaves by "Arab
merchants" and they said they had paid $50 per slave to free them from slavery. The pictures of the boys thus "freed" were published in the Baltimore Sun. (These were very healthy children
and did not look at all like slaves. As one critic put it, anyone in a poor country will pretend to be a 'slave' if you can give him or his father $50.)
> As soon as the Baltimore Sun published the "Slavery in Sudan" story, it was picked up and distributed far-and-wide by Zionists in the U.S. media. In Baltimore itself, a special radio
program on "slavery in Sudan" was broadcast by a Jewish radioman, Mark Steiner, on WJHU (Johns Hopkins University radio).
> UNDERSTAND THE MOVE: The U.S. government knows that any moves against Africa's biggest country would be resented by the African-American communities in USA which are
now well-organized and vocal. Readers might remember that these communities had been successful in dismantling the Apartheid system in South Africa.The move against Sudan was very
successful because it used the one issue which is most important for African-Americans: the issue of slavery.
> Thus the African-Americans, instead of supporting the African nation of Sudan, supported the American moves against Sudan!
> The stories being distributed by the Sun and WJHU were opposed by my organization called Jamaat al-Muslimeen International. We were successfully able to rebut the Zionist
propaganda in Baltimore because:
> 1.Our Jamaat's Secretary General Sis. Ashira Na'im, herself an African-American, had lived in Sudan for about a year around the same time when the "slavery in Sudan" story was being
concocted. She did not see any signs of slavery although she moved both in the richest and the poorest sections of society. In fact she saw Christians from the South taking protection in the
Islamic city of Khartoum to seek refuge from the conflict.
> 2. Another African-American sister who is a physician, Dr. Sapphire Ahmed, who has lived in Sudan for almost two years has refuted the "slavery in Sudan" propaganda in detail.
> 3. The Zionists claimed that a section of the Sudanese population called NUBIANS who were not "Arab" had been decimated by the Islamic regime. We published, in our paper New Trend,
an interview with an activist in the Nubian community, Dr. Shaheen who refuted the zionist story as absolute lies.
> 4. A British group carried out an investigation of the "slavery" reports and published THE MCNAIR REPORT which carries an area-by-area coverage of Sudan and debunks the "slavery"
story. (The key points in this report are available in our paper New Trend, POB 356, Kingsville, MD 21087.)
> 5. A Christian group called WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS has also investigated the Sudan and found the slavery and mass killings ('genocide') stories without any basis in truth. In fact the
group noted that if the propaganda against Sudan were accepted as truth, it would mean that the entire Christian population of Sudan has been wiped out TWICE OVER. (The HOLD THESE
TRUTHS report has also been published in New Trend.)
> 6. The Pennsylvania Black Caucus visited Sudan and rejected the slavery story.
> INSPITE OF ALL THESE PROOFS, the Zionists are pressing forward with their campaign. They go into the South and meet children whom the missionaries tell them are "slaves" and pay
money to their "masters" to free them. Some of these Sudanese children have now been brought to USA and will be taken around the country as proof of "Slavery in Sudan."
> The New York Times (run by Jews) and Nat Hentoff (another Jew) in the Village Voice of New York have joined the campaign in a big way. They have also made headway in the Black
community. They first got support from BET (Black Entertainment Network) and then from Kwezi Mfume, leader of the NAACP. An effective new voice, that of radioman Madison of
1450 AM in Washington, has stirred up the campaign against Sudan. In fact Mr. Madison has been extremely active and has joined hands with Mr. Jacobs (another Jew) of the Anti-Slavery
grouping. Several congessmen, including Virginia's Mr. Wolf, are urging President Bush to take action against Sudan. Finally the Jewish Holocaust Memorial in Washington has now given
some space in its 'exhibits' to the 'genocide' in southern Sudan including the slavery story.
> 1. Islam is the fastest growing religion in America. To stop this growth, our enemies are trying to convince African-Americans (the largest source for the growth of Islam in America)
that Islam actually condones and supports slavery, the biggest evil the world has ever known .
> 2. Africa is the continent where America and Europe are looking for mineral wealth and the spread of Christianity. If the largest African country loses its independence or is greatly
weakened by sanctions, Africa at large will have no rallying force to unite it and give it direction.
> 3. The Zionists want to drive a wedge between Africans and Arabs. They are very concerned that an African-American leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, visited Arab countries (including
Sudan) and was given a rousing welcome. The Zionists are portraying Muslim Sudanese as "Arabs" and then accusing them of carrying out systematic slavery against "Black" Sudanese!
> (This point number 3 is very important in the Zionist propaganda and many people are fooled by it. )
>i. All the people of Sudan are BLACK. The great majority are Muslim and speak Arabic. The Islamic leaders, like Dr. Hassan Turabi and President Bashir (now wrangling with each other)
are as Black as any other African. So the story of ARABS killing Blacks is absurd.
>ii. The Christians are a minority even in the deep South. The majority there are Animists, not Christians.
>iii. The rebellion in the South was started by an army officer named Garang. He was part of the Dinka tribe who are Christians. However he did not have even the support of majority of the
>iv. To gain the 'support' of Christians, Garang has used terrorism against his own people and has killed more Christians and Animists than Muslims.
>v. ISRAEL and the UNITED STATES have been covertly and overtly helping Garang through the pro-US government in Uganda.
>vi. In raids and counter-raids between tribes supporting the Islamic government and Garang's SPLA organization, both sides take captives which they then try to exchange. Sometimes
outsiders can think these are slaves.
>vi. Under Islamic law in Sudan SLAVERY IS FORBIDDEN.
>vii. Sudan is not a perfect Islamic country. It has many problems and is finding it difficult to solve them owing to the war in the South.
>viii. Islam can be a big force for African unity and Islam because of its religious vitality. Students, men and women, from all over African and other continents come to study in Sudan.
>ix. Sudan did not support the war against Iraq and Sudanese regularly visit Iraq and receive visitors from Iraq. This is very irksome for the US and Israel.
>x. Sudan has taken every possible step to stop use of its territory by Osama Bin Laden and Egyptian dissidents but the U.S. still continues to insist that Sudan supports 'terrorism'.
>xi. Women, under the Islamic influence of Dr. Hassan Turabi, are regaining many of their rights. Women are elected to be members of Parliament and even as governors and officials of
provinces. FGM (female genital mutilation) prevalent in many tribal societies is forbidden in Sudan under Islamic law (though still carried out surreptitiously by hardcore tribals).
>The author can be contacted at: ksidd37398@aol.com