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Topic subjectkilling off the original nubians
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12168, killing off the original nubians
Posted by dafriquan, Wed Jul-25-01 02:13 PM
i hope some of y'all sitting on the fence realise that the dinkas have been proven to be the original nubians.
i will go to the library and dig up facts if the need. there is a lot in the language and culture of the dinkas that will truly reveal to us the true nature of the relationship between nubia and egypt. and also the people of west africa have been traced to have migrated from sudan.
what is going on right now is a simple case of "destroying the evidence".
abduhu, jihad is outdated. for the reasons while christians don't go on crusades and kill people in the name of christ.
the muslims in sudan are simply hiding under the pretense of jihad. this war is economic and ethnic.
i know you are a muslim and you feel the need to defend some of their action but sometimes you have to look beyond the "brotherhood" veil. why? alot of the northern sudanis you rush to defend, will not consider you a brother if you go to sudan today. not even in the name of Allah. i respect what you have to say on these boards but realise that islam as much as christianity has been used to justify alot of bullshit in history.

sudani, you are obviously from the north 'cause i don't see a southerner undermining the war as much as you did. perhaps the ant-muslim media is in full effect but what i see on TV is people in chains and white Americans christians paying off an arab slave holder for the freedom of the slaves. are you suggesting that CNN pays local Sudanis to stage war plays?
those would be some damn good actors...except that i have friends from both the north and the south who left Sudan as a result of the war. for all their disagreements they agree that the north is the agressor and the south is just the reactionary acting in self defence...

it is a sad situation don't make light of it. whether it is genocide or war, it still has to be stopped.
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