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Posted by AZ, Wed Jul-25-01 02:12 PM


KHARTOUM - 10.10.1999



1.In one of the series of the unfounded allegations against Sudan the United States Administration, based on a report fabricated by one of its
ambassador's who had never visited Sudan and seems to know nothing about Sudanese society, accused Sudan of practising religious intolerance
and suppression of religious freedom .

2.It is to be noted that before presenting such a report, the US diplomat should have done his homework by consulting all concerned parties and
visited Sudan to investigate the situation and to meet Sudanese people as well as officials from different religious sects. Sudan' s doors are
always open for different missions on human rights.

3.The US report reflects naivity, hatred and ignorance of the real situation in Sudan and how the Sudanese People: Muslims, Christians pagans and
animists live together in a peaceful coexistence and harmony in this land for centuries. Being a multi-religious and a multi-ethnic country, Sudan's
Constitution of 1998 and Legal codes as well as its inherited moral and social values respect and protect religious freedom for all citizens and
inhabitants irrespect of their belief or ethnic backround..

Recent reports by missions on human rights which visited parts of Sudan including Nuba mountains and the southern part of Sudan have favourably
reported on the satisfactory situation regarding protection and promotion of human rights in Sudan.

4.However, to put the record straight the following facts are to be mentioned to refute the USA allegations:

A.The Vice-President of The Republic of Sudan is a Christian.

B.The Assistant of the President and Chairman of Southern States Co-ordination Council is a Christian.

C.The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly (parliament) is a Christian.

D.The only woman assuming a federal ministerial post is a Christian.

E.The State Minister for the External Relations is not only a Christian but holding the Title of a Bishop .

F.Many other senior personalities in the legislative and Judiciary as well as State Walis (governors) , Federal
Ministers, State Ministers, Senior Army and Police Officers, Ambassadors, professors, journalists ... are

Ironically enough, in comparison with the present USA administration, there is not a single Muslim in the Congress nor in any senior legislative or
executive post despite the fact that Islam is the second religion in the USA!!.

5.The latest accusations of religious intolerance in Sudan are similar to all unfounded allegations of slavery and servitude by USA against Sudan .
Everywhere in Sudan mosques and churches exist side by side where Muslims and Non-Muslims live together practising their religions and
propagating their faith in absolute freedom protected by law and constitution. Thus, all these actions have being taken by USA on basis of totally
false and unfounded allegations and accusations. The USA administration has never been able to produce any piece of evidence to prove those

6.Most of the population of Sudan are adherents to Islam and Christianity. As such it has a rich legacy of tolerance and coexistence between
religions and cultures. Christianity, the religion of Jesus Christ (Peace be upon him) is the example of fraternity, tolerance and assistance of the
weak. Islam, the last of the Revealed Religions, has brought an integrated way of life that upholds the value of freedom of thought. It also
consecrates the principle of coexistence between religions and cultures. The Holy Quran states: ( Invite (all) to the Way Of thy Lord with wisdom
And beautiful preaching And argue with them In ways that are best and most gracious..).