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Topic subjectRE: not Genocide, just war
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12163, RE: not Genocide, just war
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-25-01 04:43 AM

>how is the government evil? for
>trying to establish an islamic
>state? there is nothing evil
>about that.

maybe not evil. but why try to impose something on a significant amount of the population that does not want it, to the point of war? why not create two separate states if that's your intention.

i would gather from what i know, that this war has less to do with "islamic ideals", than with certain economic factors. lands where non-muslims predominate in sudan, such as the Boing region or the southern Blue Nile province are said to be oil rich. The government wants to clear the land.

there are atrocities being committed on both sides in the war right now, no doubt. but the relationship between muslims and non-muslim, especially indigenious africans has never been one of an equal trade of reciprocity when it comes to the atrocities. it is clear who the aggressor was.

in the 1800s, muhammad ali pasha, the egyptian military leader reguarly raided non-muslim villages in the sudan for slaves to be used in his forces. this is an undeniable fact, that even Hasan Turabi, a prominent muslim leader in sudan does not deny.

>>Random thought:
>>When was the last jihad
>>that actually corresponded to Qu'ranic
>>ideals? Maybe Palestinians, right?
>> Really though? With
>>all the suicide bombings?
>starting from the present backwards: palestine,
>kashmir, sudan, philipines, chechnya, macedonia,
>albania, bosnia, afghanistan, etc, etc,
>jihad itself is a "Qur'anic ideal".
>the actions WITHIN THE JIHAD
>might NOT ALL BE "Qur'anic
>ideals", but that varies with
>each of the above mentioned.
>as far as those suicide bombs
>go...............do you think that they
>would resort to that if
>they had another alternative? ya
>think david would have used
>a slingshot on goliath if
>he had a .45? they
>are doing the bst they
>can w/ what they have.
>may Allah help them.

>and if you are referring to
>the victims of the "suicide
>bombs", those innocent bystandards, then
>look to the victims of
>f-16 dropped bombs, or helicopter
>released bombs, etc............how many a
>innocent bystandard was killed by
>those methods as opposed to
>a "suicide bomb"?
>>Anyway, I was watching something on
>>TV this morning about Sudan.
>> Yes, it was Christian,
>>so anyone is free to
>>call it biased (they're also
>>free to be cold-hearted losers
>>more concerned with politics than
>no doubt it was on b.e.t.
>the show where you cant
>even hear the the slightest
>sound of the natives talking,
>but you can hear the
>overdub of the translation! never
>really know what that dinka
>woman was saying..............
>the fact of the matter is that it is biased. . -> _ !
>and by the way, wouldnt you
>rather be a "cold-hearted losers
>more concerned with politics than
>lives" than a hypocrite that
>pretends they are more concerned
>about lives than anything, but
>REST OF EM? at least
>the cold hearted loser's position
>is clear! the others are
>so wishy washy, no one
>really knows what they are
>up to!
>Now, this will
>>sound bad, but I started
>>to think of the Nation
>>of Islam's identification of the
>>white man as the devil.
>note: although i am not in
>the nation of islam, nor
>do i share ALL OF
>THER BELIEFS, i have to
>say that what they meant
>is not something of a
>present nature. they meant it
>as "as long as they
>have existed, they (whites) have
>been doing evil and the
>devils work". of course, i
>dont agree with this at
>all, but i will say
>that they have been responsible
>> I was almost, note
>>ALMOST, like, "Sudanese Arabs are
>>devils." Here's what I
>>would have meant had I
>>allowed myself to complete that
>>We know damn well every white
>>person can't be evil.
>>As many a white person
>>will even admit, the title
>>devil can apply if you
>>consider that the white man,
>>as a generalized character, has
>>done the work of a
>>devil. Now, it hurt
>>me to even write those
>>four offensive words in the
>>last paragraph, but the government
>>and the army and people
>>supporting the jihad against the
>>south are doing the work
>>of devils.
>WAR IS WAR. thats it. there
>is nothing good about war.
>however, ALL the actions that
>happen during war cannot be
>universalized as evil. some, but
>not all. an then, that
>depends on whether or not
>"x,y,z" is really happening or
>not and why.
>have you noticed that i havent
>said anything personally myself about
>the sudanese war. why? b/c
>i dont know. it would
>be silly for me, in
>fact even sinful, to tell
>someone something about it and
>not really know.
>as far as the war is
>concerned, i personally trust the
>muslims to report it. as
>they have no reason to
>lie w/ their reports. they
>are not going to gain
>any more outside support than
>they already have. in fact,
>they are constantly gaining enemies
>in the world, who wishh
>only to sit on their
>asses, and let biased reports
>be the main staple of
>their diet of hatred for
>the sudan govt. so what
>would be the purpose about
>lying about what is going
>The Glorious Qur'an - Surah 6,
>75. So also did We show
>Abraham the power and the
>laws of the heavens and
>the earth, that he might
>(with understanding) have certitude.
>76. When the night covered him
>over, He saw a star:
>He said: "This is my
>Lord." But when it set,
>He said: "I love not
>those that set."
>77. When he saw the moon
>rising in splendour, he said:
>"This is my Lord." But
>when the moon set, He
>said: "unless my Lord guide
>me, I shall surely be
>among those who go astray."
>78. When he saw the sun
>rising in splendour, he said:
>"This is my Lord; this
>is the greatest (of all)."
>But when the sun set,
>he said: "O my people!
>I am indeed free from
>your (guilt) of giving partners
>to Allah.
>79. "For me, I have set
>my face, firmly and truly,
>towards Him Who created the
>heavens and the earth, and
>never shall I give partners
>to Allah."
>the biography of Prophet Muhammad (saws):
>subhaanakallahumma (Glory be to you, Oh
>Allah), wabihamdika (and I praise
>You). ashhadu anla ilaha illa
>anta (I bear witness that
>none has the right to
>be worshipped except You). astaghfiruka
>(I seek Your forgiveness), wa
>attuubu ilaika (and I turn
>to You in Repentance).