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12161, Genocide
Posted by Chike, Tue Jul-24-01 06:00 PM
We should weep on a daily basis over the situation in Sudan. From what I have heard, more people have been killed in this war than in Serbia, Rwanda, and Somalia combined. Whether or not that is true, the bottom line is people are suffering in the worst way over there and how much is actually being done to stop this...?

Too many pretend-to-be conscious brothers who happen to be from the north of Sudan are busy talking garbage about how things aren't so bad, it's Western propaganda, blah, blah... they need to find a heart. YOUR PEOPLE ARE DYING OVER NOTHING.

I don't want to stereotype Sudanese muslims. Actually, I was talking to one just the other day. We touched on the topic of the war... (this will be paraphrasing)

"Africa is screwed up, man. The war is just plain stupid. The north is desert. The south is the most fertile, beautiful part of the country. And what is the government doing? Destroying the south. Now, there are landmines everywhere, people can't grow anything... it's just stupid."

Now, you'll notice he didn't mention all the people being slaughtered, raped, sold into slavery, etc. But at least he wasn't making excuses for the evil government. Random thought: When was the last jihad that actually corresponded to Qu'ranic ideals? Maybe Palestinians, right? Really though? With all the suicide bombings?

Anyway, I was watching something on TV this morning about Sudan. Yes, it was Christian, so anyone is free to call it biased (they're also free to be cold-hearted losers more concerned with politics than lives). Now, this will sound bad, but I started to think of the Nation of Islam's identification of the white man as the devil. I was almost, note ALMOST, like, "Sudanese Arabs are devils." Here's what I would have meant had I allowed myself to complete that thought.

We know damn well every white person can't be evil. As many a white person will even admit, the title devil can apply if you consider that the white man, as a generalized character, has done the work of a devil. Now, it hurt me to even write those four offensive words in the last paragraph, but the government and the army and people supporting the jihad against the south are doing the work of devils. Just like evil Africans in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Rwanda, and elsewhere teaching little kids to be cold-blooded killers. DEVILS! Just like the Japanese soldiers who raped all those Chinese and Korean women. DEVILS! Just like the people who made it so a large percentage of the recognizably Aboriginal people I've seen are drunk and homeless. DEVILS! Just like... well, you get the picture. DEVILS!

I'm gonna cut this tirade short now. I'm calming down. I'm cool.