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Topic subjectWhat does slavery mean?
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12160, What does slavery mean?
Posted by guest, Wed Jul-25-01 02:20 PM
What does slavery mean? There are all different types of slavery.
If we have no understanding of African or Sudanese history, then we, as Americans, will project our understanding of the transatlantic trade onto any use of the term. Do we want to learn, or debate? There are people we know who are slaves, and happy to be, as long as they can choose their masters. What about freedom? What about the real issue of slavery.. that even many of our American heros, such as Fredrick Douglas died thinking of themselves as a color. If slavery in the continental United States was completely race based, then why do we choose to perpetuate that belief in our lives? The fact that we are told to see things through race tinted lenses from the time we are put into school is an atrosity. The fact that so many of us have overcome our society's need to segregate us is a wonderful thing. Congratulation to those who have overcome. There are so many things we can do to effect our environment, why do we spend so much time debating? Yes, it's fun SOMETIMES, but what about building each other up? We've learned to put people down, we've learned to share what it means for us to be American, but even above and beyond that we are God's people first. Until we realize that no one except our creator can define us, NOT EVEN OUR VARIOUS GOVERNMENTS OR NATIONAL BORDERS, we will be enslaved to someone else's definition of us. That is what I believe slavery is. Roses