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Topic subjectRE: What Slaves?!?
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12155, RE: What Slaves?!?
Posted by guest, Mon Jul-23-01 08:44 AM
>You HAVE TO BE ignorant of
>the customs and conditions of
>HUMANS in history. To even
>call everyone in the South
>of Sudan "Christians"is ignorant because
>many of them are "animalists",
>not "Christians".

you must not be able to read because i didnt call "everyone" to the south "christians"

>Secondly, "slavery" has been around for
>a while. The west is
>using thier already establish muslim
>bashing influence to further thier
>cause by labeling Southern Sudan
>a Christian entity and using
>the term "slavery"as a trigger
>because the only way they
>can gain alliance of the
>black pop. is to call
>it that which brings horrible
>immages to mind.

yeah and so what?

>Why is the West sweating Sudan
>so much? From an inside
>scoop... OIL.
>You know these people don't give
>a damn about Sudan and
>Africans...please. Get over there and
>see for yourself.

uh huh. are you talking to me? i already know this.

>If you just sit and allow
>other people to tell you
>something without researching it for
>yourself then YOU are the
>one who has been brainwashed.

you are making reactionary and incorrect assumptions about what i know and what i don't based on a couple of lines which you read incorrectly.

>"The one whose faith is perfect
>is afflicted by the whisperer(shaytaan).
>The thief does not bother
>entering a ruined house."-(al-Jawahir al-Hisan)