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Topic subjectRE: What Slaves?!?
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12154, RE: What Slaves?!?
Posted by Sudani, Mon Jul-23-01 08:17 AM
You HAVE TO BE ignorant of the customs and conditions of HUMANS in history. To even call everyone in the South of Sudan "Christians"is ignorant because many of them are "animalists", not "Christians".

Secondly, "slavery" has been around for a while. The west is using thier already establish muslim bashing influence to further thier cause by labeling Southern Sudan a Christian entity and using the term "slavery"as a trigger because the only way they can gain alliance of the black pop. is to call it that which brings horrible immages to mind.

Top it all of with some pictures of refugees from Sierra Leone who limbs are being chopped of for the "ice" so many black folks rock, and you have the perfect picture of a headline story.

Why is the West sweating Sudan so much? From an inside scoop... OIL.

You know these people don't give a damn about Sudan and Africans...please. Get over there and see for yourself.

If you just sit and allow other people to tell you something without researching it for yourself then YOU are the one who has been brainwashed.

"The one whose faith is perfect is afflicted by the whisperer(shaytaan). The thief does not bother entering a ruined house."-(al-Jawahir al-Hisan)