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Posted by osoclasi, Fri Jul-20-01 07:37 AM
>Sorry for any misspelling of your
>screen name. (I am not
>the best speller).

Response: Me either, but you got it right.

>I will bring these point up
>only once further. If you
>firmly believe something and that
>is all you know and
>are willing to believe then
>how can anyone change your

Response: Yeah good point, but I wasn't trying to get indepth like that all I wanted was to understand why you and others believe in this diety. I thought when I first asked the question I stated that I was not trying to debate anyone just wanted some info thats all.

In a sence the
>only way to begin to
>understand a different way of
>thinking is to free your
>yourself from this. In a
>sence open you mind. We
>have been programed with Christian
>doctrine all our lives, what
>you are saying is nothing
>new, but an understanding occured
>when reading other cultures and
>that was that these peoples
>came from an entirely different
>perspective, they way they thought
>is radical to me, but
>in reality what makes it
>that more radical than they
>way I think.... Simple.

Response: Oh I understand you, I just wanted to see why you personnally believe this.
>OK to begin.
>You want proof of a "Afrakan
>God" well I can tell
>you my proof is that
>I exist. But you want
>some physical evidence or some
>archeoligical findings (That is a
>whole different story). Well in
>truth there are not many
>to look at. Dieties such
>a Ifa are subjective by
>nature. It basically means change.
>When applied it means there
>are changes that are about
>to take place. Ifa is
>not an omnipitent character that
>lurks in the sky making
>rules. But rather a deity
>which is one component of
>a whole, that was named
>to represents change. My proof
>that there is Ifa is
>there is constant change..

Response: Cool that's all i wanted. Later on if you want we can have a discussion on something deeper if you'd like.