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Posted by urbgriot, Fri Jul-20-01 04:07 AM
Sorry for any misspelling of your screen name. (I am not the best speller).

I will bring these point up only once further. If you firmly believe something and that is all you know and are willing to believe then how can anyone change your opinion???? In a sence the only way to begin to understand a different way of thinking is to free your yourself from this. In a sence open you mind. We have been programed with Christian doctrine all our lives, what you are saying is nothing new, but an understanding occured when reading other cultures and that was that these peoples came from an entirely different perspective, they way they thought is radical to me, but in reality what makes it that more radical than they way I think.... Simple.

OK to begin.
You want proof of a "Afrakan God" well I can tell you my proof is that I exist. But you want some physical evidence or some archeoligical findings (That is a whole different story). Well in truth there are not many to look at. Dieties such a Ifa are subjective by nature. It basically means change. When applied it means there are changes that are about to take place. Ifa is not an omnipitent character that lurks in the sky making rules. But rather a deity which is one component of a whole, that was named to represents change. My proof that there is Ifa is there is constant change..