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Topic subjectSearching for Something That is Already Within
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12138, Searching for Something That is Already Within
Posted by Solarus, Wed Jul-18-01 09:53 AM
(This is a story originally posted by utamaroho a few months ago, however I felt that it beautiful expressed the concept of "God is IMMANENT..." and should be added.)

There was a time in our ancient history a beautiful people residing in a city in Africa. They thought that they had everything about life figured out. There were two sides to this town. The people of one side of this town lived life as if today was the only day that counted. They drank and lived in excessive merriment all the time. Life was just one big party for them. On the other hand the people of the other side of the town considered themselves the most holy of all people and lived their lives in dedication to, what they said, was the unadultered worship of Olodumare (God). Strangely, the two sides of the town lived in total ignorance of the existence of one another even though they lived in the same metropolis. This was mainly due to the thick forrest area that divided them from one another.

The two villages both had the same basic problem. Day in and day out the village of the carefree people were waiting for Olodumare to descend down to them. Everything, to them, seemed to be a sign that "today was the big" day that Olodumare would take care of EVERYTHING. But they said that until the day came that Olodumare did come down to them that they were going to party, party, party - they would worry about spiritual reality later. The village of the "holy" people lived life all day LOOKING in the sky asking and begging Olodumare to do this and that for them, but nothing seemed to come of it.

One day, down at the river Osun, a townsman from the "holy" people village was washing his clothes in the sacred waters when a townswoman from the other village also walked upon the banks of the river. It was like love at first sight and eventually the two were married. Fortunately, this is what brought the two villages together.

Over time both townships began to see the folly in each other's ways. The people of the partying village learned from the "holy" people that the river Osun had long been a sacred river, and that great revelations and miracles had ocurred there over time. Soon afterward, about 8 villagers from each townships began to meet at the river Osun WAITING for Olodumare to come. Some even started to doubt the very existence of the Creator.

Eventually one of the villagers got the idea of traversing the whole area along the Osun in SEARCH for Olodumare. So, through some careful convincing the people convinced their crown prince to order some horses from the land of the Nupe for this important project. The horses arrived in two days , and the meetings resumed. Morning after morning they mounted their 16 horses, split up, and went in diligent search for Olodumare. eventually they began to meet at night. So obssessed were the people with the possibility of actually FINDING God, they often struck out at night with lit lanterns searching for this All in All!

After about a year of this night and day searching, one morning some of the villagers came to the river and found a vagabond washing. The people of the town had become so self consumed, haughty and arrogant and wanted nothing to do with those that had a hard lot in life. So they moved down the bank some distance to keep away from the vagabond. It was once again time to set out in search for Olodumare.

The next morning the people continued the ritual of their frivolty consumed in their search. As they were about to begin their morning deliberations, they noticed a man ride by on a black horse at top speed. Back and forth, up and down the bank of the river, the man and horse sped off. After a little time, the man stopped near the villagers to water his horse. The villagers then recognized the man as the "worthless" vagabond. They yelled out "What is wrong with you stupid, filthy old man?! Why are you riding so fast up and down the banks of our beautiful river Osun?" With a lit latern in hand, the vagabond replied "I am looking for my beautifully clad black horse". At that instant, he darted off on the very black horse that he was looking for - lantern in hand, positioned in front of him as if he needed it to actually see where he was going.

On his way speeding back, the horse stepped in a hole, throwing the man. Fortunately, the horse's leg was not broken and the man thanked Olodumare for the life of his horse. Just then one of the villagers called out to the man in disdainful disgust saying "Dumb old fool. How could you be looking for your horse and you were just riding on it?"

The vagabond replied and said:

"I guess you are right about me already having my horse because I was on it. And I almost lost my horse, something of great value and something I already had, because I did not realize I had it. But I guess I was just following your example. You see I have watched all 16 of you, day in and day out for some time, saying that you were "looking for" Olodumare. I have heard you bickering about whose fault it was you could not find Olodumare and other fruitless talk of yours. People, just as I was on my horse and looking for it at the same time, something I ALREADY had, so too have all of you been looking for something you already have. OLODUMARE RESIDES WITHIN EACH OF YOU. This is what makes you omo-Olodumare (Children of God)."

While the people of the city stood in silent astonishment at this great truth, the "vagabond" dishevelled his dirty clothes and revealed a beautiful buba robe. He was a great sage, of timeless age; in the world but not of it. He compelled the townspeople to confess their ignorance so that they may elevate to divine consciousness. In this way was order and righteousnes established in their community.

ASE, and may the Ancestors bless you always.