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Topic subjectNot directed toward me but
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12136, Not directed toward me but
Posted by urbgriot, Wed Jul-18-01 10:31 AM
Maybe I can bring some clarity..I don't know...

God in tradition Afikans societies is within everything that exist. There is no Great Big Wizard with a magic stick saying "You go to heaven" "You go to hell". This is not a part of Afrikan thought. God is you and all things around you. With that knowledge you should begin to understand that all things around you from other people to the trees in the forest should possess the same or simular ammounts of respect. That's why Afrikans (and most other cultures including Asian and Native American) enjoyed a sort of "oneness" with the enviroment around them.

"Evil" is does not exist in the Western manner. Roles and Rules are regulated and determined by the society from inwhich they govern. With the knowledge that you are a representive of God how could there be "evil" it does not exist.

If I stand correct I'am sorry, but I hope that clears thing up a little.