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12134, RE: Clarification
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jul-19-01 02:13 PM
>From my response to abduhu ("Point
>"Realize that the frustration, aggravation and
>any ill feelings stem from
>centuries of non-Afrakan cultures, Christianity
>AND Islam condemning Afrakan traditions
>and customs. In fact, the
>standpoint alone of Christianity and
>Islam automatically is diametrically OPPOSED
>(and not just "different") to
>Afrakan traditions.

Response: Man, are you trying to justify what my man did? Look all I asked is why do you believe this, you don't have to explain every single African concept out there. I know Christianity is opposed to African beliefs but thats not where I was going, all I wanted was why do you "personally" believe in this. To see if there was any evidence for this if there isn't oh well life goes on I wasn't going to rub it in, I'm always looking for new ideas and concepts. Now if I can't grasp these concepts so be it, but man you guys are thinking to hard.
>In my response to him I
>didn't "attack" at all. I
>tried to show him WHAT
>he was doing and how
>that is detrimental when trying
>to understand the Afrakan standpoint.

Response: Thats the problem I'm not doing anything I just asked a question. I could debate this but I won't. Unless you really want to.

>In general, the Afrakan would
>have an easier time understanding
>Islam and/or Christianity before a
>Muslim or Christian could understand
>any Afrakan spiritual system. The
>reason for this phenomena is
>that Afrakan traditions are theoretically
>inclusive and accepting of diverse
>ideas whereas there is no
>room for differentiation within Islam
>and Christianity."

Response: Ok cool, so basically I'll never get it because I am a Christian is what your saying. Well fine then this god could never be considered an absolute truth, because absolute truths are for everyone.
>The truth you believe in is
>only the truth because the
>Western world has ASSERTED its
>truth OVER the truth of
>others. The reason people
>say you "won't understand" is
>because you operate from a
>conceptual system that PREVENTS one
>from thinking in other ways.

Response: I really don't like this answer, but oh well what can you do. Look the truth is the truth for African down to Asians.
Also Biblical history stems from the "near east" not western thought.

>And you are right, people demand
>answers from you only Christianity,
>immediately. If this is
>seemingly unbalanced, it is only
>so by the rift, derision,
>confusion caused by the
>superiority and imperializing notions held
>by Christians AND Christianity.

Response: Get out of here, I told you I would answer your questions why? because this helps people understand what Christianity comes from, there is nothing to hide. If I say it is the truth then the truth will stand. Plus I don't think I'm superior to nobody my arrogance lies in the gospel, I can't do anything by myself.

>Thus it is YOUR own
>fault. You reap what
>you sow, my friend.

Response: Oh please, I wasn't complaining. I was showing you that if I gave you guys the same answers you have given me boy it would have been over, you would have laughed me off the planet. If I would have said " you guys would never understand Christianity because your mind has been clouded by African thought" or " it would be easier for Chrstians to understand African thought more than vice versa, I don't think you would have let me get away with it. But I'll accept this.