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12133, Clarification
Posted by Solarus, Thu Jul-19-01 08:49 AM
From my response to abduhu ("Point Taken"):

"Realize that the frustration, aggravation and any ill feelings stem from centuries of non-Afrakan cultures, Christianity AND Islam condemning Afrakan traditions and customs. In fact, the standpoint alone of Christianity and Islam automatically is diametrically OPPOSED (and not just "different") to Afrakan traditions.

In my response to him I didn't "attack" at all. I tried to show him WHAT he was doing and how that is detrimental when trying to understand the Afrakan standpoint. In general, the Afrakan would have an easier time understanding Islam and/or Christianity before a Muslim or Christian could understand any Afrakan spiritual system. The reason for this phenomena is that Afrakan traditions are theoretically inclusive and accepting of diverse ideas whereas there is no room for differentiation within Islam and Christianity."

The truth you believe in is only the truth because the Western world has ASSERTED its truth OVER the truth of others. The reason people say you "won't understand" is because you operate from a conceptual system that PREVENTS one from thinking in other ways. Western thought has many nuisances that "protect" itself from being expulsed. This is not the direction I want this post to go in so i will refer you to the "Afrakan vs. European Worldview" in the archives.

And you are right, people demand answers from you only Christianity, immediately. If this is seemingly unbalanced, it is only so by the rift, derision, confusion caused by the superiority and imperializing notions held by Christians AND Christianity. Thus it is YOUR own fault. You reap what you sow, my friend.


***Words of Wisdom***

"Every time you rise from your sleeping state, you have been reincarnated. Every time you recover from a bad experience, you have been reincarnated. Every time you have been given a new lease on life, you have been reincarnated. Every time you breath in and out, take in the fresh breath of life and feel the divine intelligence flowing in and around you, you have been reincarnated."- Mfundishi Bakari

On "love":

"I am in love everyday, whether I am with someone or not. Why? All love is based on a search for spirit. For me love is timeless, transcendent, peaceful, freeing, soul-based, unifying, and enhanced evolution. This is the basis of my activism."- Nettrice, the embodiment of Oshun

"Since we all make up the rules as we go along, love can mean many different things to many different people. But, for me love is a total commitment to understanding that is not limited to just people but is open to the totality of life. As long as we approach love from a fear based mentality and perceive it through veils of guardedness and anxiety, it will always be restricted by our fears."- Mfundishi Bakari