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12128, RE: Objectivity
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jul-19-01 07:55 AM
>If you want to truly understood
>Afrakan thought, you must (at
>least temporarily) set aside this
>emphasis on "objectivity." A
>synonym of "objective" is "material."

Response: Ok I'll try.

> Objectivity is based on
>things material which in turn
>is limited when discussing spiritual
>systems. This is not
>emphasized nor valued when concerning
>a thing's "importance" within Afrakan
>culture. Also "objectivity" is the
>end result of the "either/or"
>dichotomy within Western thought.
>This severely limits the perspective
>of the Divine among Afrakans.

Response: So your saying that this type of thought is subjective and thats why you believe this right?
>And often claims at "objectivity" are
>false claims that people used
>to assert the validity and
>importance of their own beliefs.

Response: OK follow you so far, but objective claims are often times truth claim which are undeniable.
>Your view of God is objective
>TO YOU. It isn't your
>own reasoning but it is
>an ACCEPTED reasoning by people
>like yourself. A reasoning that
>is NOT accepted by ALL

Response: Actually the based on truth claims. Just because some people disagree with me does'nt knock there validity. And just because I accept it does'nt make it true also.

Therefore when considering
>every single person on the
>planet, your view of God
>IS SUBJECTIVE to only a
>certain number of people as
>MILLIONS of people do not
>accept that view of being

Response: A majority count does'nt make something true. The truth is the truth whether we believe it or not. Are you familiar with first principle's?