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12126, RE: reprint.
Posted by osoclasi, Thu Jul-19-01 01:42 PM
>Truth is objective. For example how
>do you really know the
>color of your shirt. (This
>goes back to phylosophy class)

Response: Because it corresponds with reality that is how I know its white. Factual truth is that which corresponds to the facts thats how I know.

>I can question everything about
>you write now. Facts rely
>on the burden of individuals,
>community, society, whatever.. same with

Response: Depending on the facts. Factual truths is that which corresponds to the facts. It is what corresponds to the actual state of affairs being described. Truth correspondence applies to abstract realities as well as actual ones. There are mathamatical truths. There are truths about ideas. In each case there is reality, and truth accuractly expresses it.
>In most Afrikan thought, the only
>way something is fact is
>if you see it directly
>or it comes from a
>very reliable source (person) from
>which the community has established
>a level of respect and
>trust in.

Response: Ok I have a question, just because Africans view truths this way does that make it correct? If so How?
>Facts that derive from say a
>book are considered beliefs, for
>there is know way to
>determine how reliable the source

Response: So what your saying is that a source could be totally unrealiable and still might be considered the truth?
>Prove to me, there was a
>man named "Jesus" that walked
>the earth died, resurrected himself
>walked around, then flew to

Response: Not so fast, your turning the light back on me. This is your world, you go first then I'll go second. You know this didn't have to turn into such a debate all I ask is why do you believe this and no one has said anything objective. All I've gotten is the "your a westerner", how is your bible accurate, and so forth. My intent was not to debate everyone but simply asking why do you believe this. That's it. You could have easily have said I'll get back to you or this is my personal belief.

Response: If I feel the need I will do another post on Christianity but it will be more than just one post. And I think I have defended it well so far. So until then its your turn.