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Posted by urbgriot, Thu Jul-19-01 08:37 AM
>Response: So your saying that this
>type of thought is subjective
>and thats why you believe
>this right?
>>And often claims at "objectivity" are
>>false claims that people used
>>to assert the validity and
>>importance of their own beliefs.
>Response: OK follow you so far,
>but objective claims are often
>times truth claim which are
Truth is objective. For example how do you really know the color of your shirt. (This goes back to phylosophy class) I can question everything about you write now. Facts rely on the burden of individuals, community, society, whatever.. same with truth.

In most Afrikan thought, the only way something is fact is if you see it directly or it comes from a very reliable source (person) from which the community has established a level of respect and trust in.

Facts that derive from say a book are considered beliefs, for there is know way to determine how reliable the source is..

>>Your view of God is objective
>>TO YOU. It isn't your
>>own reasoning but it is
>>an ACCEPTED reasoning by people
>>like yourself. A reasoning that
>>is NOT accepted by ALL

>Response: Actually the based on truth
>claims. Just because some people
>disagree with me does'nt knock
>there validity. And just because
>I accept it does'nt make
>it true also.

Prove to me, there was a man named "Jesus" that walked the earth died, resurrected himself walked around, then flew to heaven..

>Response: A majority count does'nt make
>something true. The truth is
>the truth whether we believe
>it or not. Are you
>familiar with first principle's?